6 Steps On How To Stop Puppy To Biting You

Puppies might be the cutest things on the face of the earth, but boy, do those little puppy teeth hurt!

Puppies, like babies, want to chew on something (anything) when they are teething.

Whether it is his favorite chew toy or your hand, they want to sink those sharp little teeth into something. 

Do you remember when we talked about socializing with your puppy? This will be a huge help in the biting phase.

Remember, we want to encourage acceptable behavior and discourage bad behavior.

While it might seem like a natural reaction to swat at your puppy’s face to get them to stop biting you, this is not the approach that you want to take.

Firstly, you never want to be mean to your pet. Secondly, this can backfire on you and get your puppy riled up.

Speaking of riled up, you want to avoid wild activity games with your pet.

Games such as tug of war, chase, wrestling, and keep away are activities that encourage biting in a dog.

This is not to say that you can never play these games with your dog. Just not during the training process.

You will want to use a consistent command word every time your puppy begins to bite.

I like to use “puppy to stop biting.” It is direct and clear, and the puppy will know to stop doing what they are doing.

For this to work, you and the other puppy caregivers must use this command word each, and every time the puppy begins to bite. As with most dog training, reinforcement is key.

Again, going back to our dog obedience lessons, you want your puppy to know. Sometimes a puppy will start biting you to show you who’s boss (or who they think is boss – THEMSELVES)!

With our first dog, my mom had trained him fairly early to stop biting.

However, whenever I was alone with her, she would bite me. Eventually, we realized that we had a control issue.

Even though I was only 8, I had to become more of a master over her instead of just a playmate. The biting soon stopped.

As with your puppy training, this will start from day one. First, your puppy’s littermates (brothers and sisters) will show the puppy not to bite.

This, however, is usually done by them biting back when your puppy bites them first.

Once you leave your puppy alone, the ball is in your court. 

How To Get A Puppy To Stop Biting You

You need to take 6 steps to train your puppy as below:

  1. When your puppy begins to bite your hand, stay STEP, remove your hand, and replace your hand with a chew toy.
  2. When your puppy bites you, say “ouch” and look sad. Dogs can sense emotions in people and do not want to cause pain to their owners. After you say “ouch,” get up and walk away from the puppy. This will show him that he will lose his playmate if he continues to bite.
  3. If your puppy begins to get more aggressive with biting, say “NO” very loudly, put your thumb inside his mouth, under his tongue, and use your other finger under his chin. Hold it there firmly but gently for about 10 seconds. Your puppy will not like this sensation, and they can’t bite you with their mouth in this position.
  4. Put Tabasco sauce or another strong flavor on your hands. When your puppy goes to bite you, he will get an unpleasant surprise taste in his mouth.
  5. Get a clean spray bottle and fill it with water. Every time your puppy bites you, squirt them with the water bottle.
  6. Roll up an old newspaper and secure it with rubber bands. Once your puppy stops biting you, slam the paper on a nearby desk. The sound will scare your puppy without hurting him.

These techniques will work great for you as long as you are consistent with your trained puppy to stop biting.

Should you have any further concerns, or it appears that you have an aggressive dog by nature, I recommend that you consult your breeder and your vet.