Do cats get cold in air conditioning?

Yes, cats can get cold in an air conditioned space, this will all depend on the temperature you have it set on. If set on too cold, there is a risk for your cat to get sick. There is no exact temperature that is perfect, during warmer days it can be good to have it colder so that it doesn’t get too hot for your cat.

You can experiment and try different settings and see how your cat reacts to the temperature, a freezing cat won’t just sit idle in front of the air conditioner.

How To Keep Cats Warm In Winter

Winter is coming! But is your cute kitty ready to spend it lavishly and do all the fun with you?

The dropping temperature, the chilly nights, the fluffy snowflakes, and the city covered in white will surely bring in a lot of joy and happiness. Still, it won’t keep your lovely kitty warm and cozy for long.

However, Just like you, animals need extra love, care, and attention. Animals have their natural fur to keep them all warm, but that is insufficient during winters.

Winters are not only cold and harsh but boring too at times as you do not get to go out at all times.

So, what can you do during the super cold months for your cat? How can I treat my cat’s cold at home?

Can Cats Get Cold?

Yes, they do. Nature has gifted them this beautiful natural fur which helps maintain the normal heat and cold balance in their bodies, but that does not help in extreme weather conditions.

Cats can grow the winter undercoats during the cold-weather season, and they shed them naturally when the cold winter sets off.

But the tolerance power of cats for cold and heat is not the same for every cat. Some are extra sensitive, and the older cats feel extra cold; cats suffering from illness are also extra sensitive to this. Do cats like to be covered with a blanket?

Why Do Cats Love Heat?

The kittens have temperature receptors, which lets the newborn kittens locate and feed themselves from their mother that way before opening their eyes.

With the growing age, the receptors become more sensitive, and the cats have this urge to look for warmer places everywhere, so no matter what the season is, they look for warm and cozy places.

Another reason is that cats have great tolerance for heat. During the peak summer days, lying under the sun does not bother them; instead, tolerating cold is more of a problem.

So, just like any other animal, cats need the same love, comfort, warmth, and heat during all seasons.

Especially indoor pets that are not acclimated to the cold weather conditions should be given extra care and attention during the brutal winter seasons.

5 Effective Ways To Keep Cats Warm In Winter

We have a few great ideas with which you can help your cat and have an amazing winter together. Get these items to keep your kitty warm and happy.

1. Cat Bed with Indoor Heating

You cannot keep the thermostat high. If you cannot, you need to make a different and better arrangement for your cat to keep her warm and toasty.

There are many options available in the market from which you can choose.

The heating bed gets activated when your cat sits on it, and it has to be plugged in for it to begin heating.

But, this is sufficient for warming if the cat bed is used inside the house. Please do not use it outdoors as it cannot warm in the cold weather outside the house.

If your cat is old or has arthritis, this heating bed will help the kitty.

2. Outdoor Insulated and Heated Cat Bed

If you do not have indoor cats and have a few favorite feral cats that you want to help during winter, then you can go for outdoor cat beds that are insulated and heated. Feral cats can be kept cozy outside with these kitty-safe and warm beds.

Remember not to place these beds out in the open; you must keep them somewhere under the shed or inside the garage. These beds are waterproof and nicely insulated.

3. Laser Pointers

Keep your cat all charged up and entertained for that long boring winter. When the temperature drops, then forget us. Not even our pets want to get out of bed.

So, you can use the laser pointers smartly to make them run around as much as you want. 

It would not cost much to you, and you can make them exercise as much as you want. Point the laser light in any direction and make your cat follow it and feel like she is on a hunting spree.

4. Get her a warm cat jacket

Although cats have been gifted by nature to keep them warm with the help of their fur, so it is not always recommended to buy furry clothes for them just in case you own a hairless cat-like sphynx then a warm jacket would be of great help for them during winters.

There are jackets available in the market with fleece, and the jackets are available in all sizes and colors.

5. Litter Kwitter Toilet Training Seat

Litter Kwitter is a toilet training seat for your cat. With the help of this, your cat can easily use the normal human toilet seat and does not have to go out wandering in search of the right place during winter.

It comes with a training manual, instructions, and a DVD that explains how you can set it for your cat or train your cat to use it.


These are some great ways to be the best companion to a cat, no matter if it is your pet or a feral cat. Keep your kitty warm, happy, and safe by doing all this, and keep a check on her overall health by keeping her busy and making her do a few fun activities.